Differentiated Innovation:

Putting your customer at the heart of your innovation strategy

 'Innovation captures the imagination and is the lifeblood of future organisations. Neglect the customer and you innovate blind.'

Simon Hill, CEO Wazoku


EveryDay innovators seek creative ways to indentify and address their customers' unmet and evolving needs. The most successful are able to adapt and evolve their offerings to address these needs on an ongoing basis.

In the lastest report in our EveryDay innovation series, we take a deeper look at Strategy, the first EveryDay innovation pillar. Download the report to learn:

  •    Differentiated Innovation: What is it and could it be the missing piece of your innovation strategy?
  •    Practical advice: How to encourage everyone, in every department, to look for new and better ways to solve your customers' unmet problems and needs.
  •    Real-life case studies: Examples and strategies, from Aviva and The British Library, to co-create new experiences and solutions with stakeholders.